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Permalink 3. “s” is for #fmsphotoaday #saarling #selfie #trainselfie
Permalink New hair!
Permalink Chocolate freebee (bij Station Amsterdam Centraal)
Permalink Well well my dear Argentinan friend, almost exactly 3 months ago to this day we were ‘fighting’ over cake in Stockholm…little did we know OUR nations would be competing against each other in the World’s Cup semi-final tonight! Have a great night my dear and may the best one win!!! :D (bij Stortorget)
Permalink Camille bereidt zich voor op de wedstrijd (bij KNus)
Permalink Everyday life photo 5/5: An apple in the sun (bij Alkmaar, Holland)
Permalink Everyday life photo 4/5: Spot the cat! (bij Bergerhof)
Permalink Everyday-life photo 3/5: Home! Smilla’s a happy cat
Permalink Everyday-life photo 2/5: almost time to take off the bandage!
Permalink Everyday-life photo 1/5: not one of my most regular days, but ‘home’ now…time to recover! (bij Daalmeer)